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Over 13 Years of Impact

What makes a teaching agency unique? 13 years worth of close relations with teachers and schools alike, 13 years of impacting global education, 13 years of outstanding feedback from our teachers and schools, 13 years of Impact.


Teaching in the UK

At Impact, we believe that teachers have the ability to change and improve the world. Impact was founded on that very purpose. Since 2005, we’ve been able to recruit exceptional teachers, assist the UK education system through international placements and further our commitment to improving education on a global scale.

As the UK’s most trusted teaching agency, we’ve helped thousands of teachers embark on this amazing journey, who have all played a huge role on impacting education locally, and globally. Now it’s your time to do it, teach in the UK.


Outstanding schools to offer outstanding education.


Students to engage and achieve better results.

What makes us Unique?

Click here to find out more about our completely unique, and meaningful international Teacher Training Programme that is currently under way in Kenya. This is an exciting venture that we encourage all our candidates to become involved in.
Join Impact Teachers in taking education further in the UK, Kenya, and beyond!

Happy Teachers Make Happy Schools


Impact Teachers have placed over 600 candidates into Long Term positions at over 2000 schools.  Many of our candidates are replaced year on year into new schools or replaced into their existing school

Certifications & Awards

Over the last 13 years, we have earned several awards and certifications testifying our efforts in the recruitment and education industry alike.

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