Global Education Project

This is what happens when you have a passion for teaching


Impact Teachers has a genuine passion for education exampled by its well established Teacher Training Programme which serves to provide educational opportunities to teachers in countries around the world. We do this by using our extensive education based networks to build teams of teachers who travel to countries such as Uganda, India, and Kenya to offer training programmes to local teachers.

This is an initiative that Impact Teachers proudly runs alongside our core business of education recruitment. It is a passion that has developed into a unique programme that sets us apart from all others in our industry.

Ultimately, this initiative is a professional development programme that compliments current practice, motivates participants, is effective, and has a legitimate view to sustainability of practice.

Phenomenal trip! I cannot say enough good things about the organization, preparation and execution of this excursion. Everyone should be so proud!

Andrea Crocco

The best aspects were getting to live with a local family and to a certain extent become more involved in Ugandan culture. Also getting to form personal bonds with smaller groups of teachers.The trip has changed my life by making me more aware of obstacles facing others as well as making me become a more patient and caring person (I hope).

Bethany Van WyngaardenUganda

Seeing that people who have very little can thrive, given the right support, and are so happy and grateful for that support. I can’t really begin to explain how the trip changed my life – I suppose it really just put everything into perspective.

Liz CairnsIndia

The personal rewards you receive through making a difference in the lives of others that truly need it. Education is the key to the success of our world and helping to improve education in those less fortunate is the way to go!!

Melora RennieUganda

Honestly, as much of an education as it was for the Indian teachers, it was an education for myself. I consider the best part of the trip was the experiences, as a whole that I can take with me and use to make a difference in the lives of my students and colleagues.

Amy StrachanIndia

What are we trying to achieve?

From 2019 Impact Teachers has been partnering with Memusi Foundation to offer our Teacher Training Programme to primary schools in the district of Magadi, south of Nairobi, in Kenya.

Our goal here is to increase the educational opportunities for primary school students in Magadi by targeting student engagement to improve student grades.

This goal supports our efforts in targeting the 4 key areas below:

Increasing student grades
Increasing school enrolment
Increasing student attendance
Increasing numbers of students completing their primary education

How do we do this?

We utilise our specific expertise in education to work directly with local teachers and schools in Magadi focusing on teaching and learning, with specific reference to student engagement, to improve student grades. We know that this focus will improve the quality of education, and have a positive influence on the other 3 key areas.

We create a sustainable method to improve the quality of teaching and learning by using a wide range of proven strategies. These include seminars, modelling, lesson observation, and meaningful feedback designed to develop and inspire teachers. The strategies when adapted significantly improve student interest and engagement in lessons.

How Does It All Work?

During a weeklong trip, volunteers observe lessons, offer lesson feedback, deliver training seminars, and both mentor and collaborate with local teachers in order to provide them with new strategies they can adapt to any lesson to bolster student engagement.

When Do The Trips Take Place?

February Half Term, May Half Term and during the first week of the summer holidays in July. We also encourage independent travel before and after (if possible) as it’s an incredible opportunity to explore a new culture!

Am I eligible for a trip?

To be eligible for a trip, you must be a fully qualified teacher. The majority of the schools we work with are Primary level, so experience at this age group is beneficial but it is not essential.

How Much Does It Cost?

All you need to take care of are your flights, visa, travel insurance, and immunisations – Impact pays for your on-the-ground costs (accommodation, travel, food). We do ask you to make a small refundable deposit to begin the process of your application and to do some fundraising to help with some costs we incur.

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