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We have an enormous range of daily, temporary and permanent supply teaching jobs in primary, secondary and SEND schools across London and the UK, ready and waiting for you.


We are one of London’s best supply teaching agencies where our teachers get exceptional support, wonderful schools and a 110% commitment to meeting your needs as standard.


I’ve found my time with Impact very pleasurable and can honestly say that my consultants have been attentive to not only my Acting commitments outside of Impact but also my desired working environments and ensure that my needs are not disregarded within placements.

JamesTeaching Assistant

Impact teachers have been fantastic! Supply teaching and teaching assisting is the ideal flexible job; it’s also fun and rewarding!

KirstenTeaching Assistant

At Impact Teachers our teachers and TAs always notice the difference immediately. People and education are our passion, so when you join our supply teaching agency you will experience support, warmth and a commitment to you that you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s why we are still one of the best teaching agencies in London for teachers and TAs looking for daily, short-term, long-term and permanent supply teaching jobs.

We have been a sought-after supply teaching agency for both local and overseas teachers for over 15 years. We will bring you the best teaching jobs, the best support and the best schools to get your teaching career to the place where you want it to be.


See Why After 15 Years We Are Still Rated Top In Teacher Satisfaction

From matching you to the perfect school environment to supporting you through a challenging moment – we are here for you 110%.

We have a huge range of daily, long-term and permanent teaching jobs available across London and the UK.

Whether you are a primary or secondary school teacher or teaching assistant from London, an overseas teacher, a SEN/SEND teacher, NQT or a cover supervisor, register with us today for a brilliant start to your new career.


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