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Impact Teachers are an education recruitment company that has been at the forefront of overseas recruitment for 13 years. With our head office based in London, we provide solutions for the recruitment needs of schools across the UK.

Central to this is a passion for education that Impact Teachers demonstrates through our Teacher Training Programme that serves to provide educational opportunities to teachers in developing countries. We do this by using our extensive education based networks from around the world to build teams of teachers who travel to countries such as India and Africa to offer training programmes to local teachers..

This is an initiative that Impact Teachers proudly runs alongside our core business of education recruitment. It is a passion that has developed into a unique programme that sets us apart from all others in our industry.

From 2019 Impact Teachers will be partnering with Memusi Foundation to offer our education development trips to primary schools in the district of Magadi, south of Nairobi, in Kenya.

What are we trying to achieve?

Working with Memusi Foundation, Impact Teachers aims to increase the educational opportunities for primary school students In Magadi to allow them an educational pathway to a better quality of life. We will support the Memusi Foundation in 4 key areas to achieve this:

Increasing Student Grades
Increasing School Enrolment
Decreasing Student Absence
Decreasing the number

We utilise our specific expertise in education to work directly with local teachers and schools in Magadi focusing on student engagement to target improvements in student grades. It is our hope that this focus will improve the quality of education, and have a positive influence on the other 3 key areas.

How do we do this?

Our programme targets student engagement via the use of lesson observations, feedback, and the delivery of seminars. Each seminar is designed to offer Magadi Teachers new strategies that can be easily adapted to any lesson across the curriculum to bolster student engagement in the lesson content. By utilising a range of strategies and encouraging teachers to adapt these to suit the specific needs of their students, we aim to create a sustainable method for ongoing improvements to teaching and learning.

To measure the progress towards our goal, Impact Teachers will use the existing metrics that Memusi Foundation already has in place to track the data of the 4 key areas as above. This data is provided by individual schools and Impact Teachers will tailor the delivery of our programme to suit the specific needs of the schools we are working with.

Ultimately, the educational training programme delivered by Impact Teachers gives local teachers and students additional tools to get motivated and excited about teaching and learning.

Our Programmes

Overseas Teacher Training Trips

Our overseas training programme gives teachers the opportunity to work with fellow teachers in Kenya, using a current, established programme produced by Impact’s board of education specialists. Our aim is to positively influence the practice and skill set of teachers, to in-turn improve students’ experience and overall impact of education Read more and apply

Project Funding

Since 2006, Impact has funded a series of community and education projects in India and Africa. From teacher dormitories to classrooms and latrines, the projects have enabled educators to develop sustainable, positive environments in the classroom and at home. We also commit to matching any fundraising efforts by our schools for these projects, and encourage involvement when possible. To receive further information about funding, please email

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