Making a Global Impact on Education


Impact was founded on the principle of creating outstanding schools and acquiring passionate teachers who can engage and inspire students both locally and globally. However, our purpose is not just limited to finding talented teachers and cultivating outstanding schools, we also provide invaluable development opportunities through our education programmes – overseas teacher training trips, classroom linking and project funding. Our aim is to positively influence the practice and skill set of teachers, to ultimately improve students’ experience and overall impact of education at home and abroad.

The Problem


Indian Primary teachers that don't have the required qualifications


Indian primary level teachers that have attained ISCED 5 level qualifications


Ugandan secondary teachers that don't have any qualification

The Solution

After 10 years developing and funding global education projects, we came to realise that the best way to impact education in developing nations would be to focus our efforts in teacher training and infrastructure projects. Our programmes mirror our efforts and have helped train more than 450 Indian and Ugandan teachers and benefited over 35,000 children.

Our Programmes

Overseas Teacher Training Trips

Our overseas training programme gives teachers the opportunity to train fellow teachers in India and Uganda, using a current, established curriculum produced by Impact’s board of education specialists. Our aim is to positively influence the practice and skill set of teachers, to in-turn improve students’ experience and overall impact of education at home and abroad. Read more and apply

Linking Classrooms

Linking Classrooms is a learning programme designed to broaden students’ understanding of the world whilst positively impacting overseas communities and education. The programme directly connects classes in the UK with classrooms in India through shared learning and cross cultural education, as well as providing a base for school assemblies and fundraising projects. Read more and apply

Project Funding

Since 2006, Impact has funded a series of community and education projects in India and Africa. From teacher dormitories to classrooms and latrines, the projects have enabled educators to develop sustainable, positive environments in the classroom and at home. We also commit to matching any fundraising efforts by our schools for these projects, and encourage involvement when possible. To receive further information about funding, please email

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