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10 Tips for Newly Qualified Teachers

Take these bits of advice from someone who learns each and every lesson the hard way. Make the kids do it! Wall displays, IT set up, handing out and collecting resources… you’ll feel tempted to do it all yourself. Don’t! You’ll be pleasantly surprised that students will genuinely want to demonstrate their responsibility so let…

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Finding your teacher-life balance

It’s not uncommon for a teacher to be in high stress mode at the beginning of the academic year. The first week is a shock to the system after a long break, and then soon enough you forget that you even had a break  at all. You may be weeding your way through the chaos of…

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Myths about Education Recruitment

Myths and reality of education recruitment agencies As a trained Teacher with 4 years’ experience and having worked in the education recruitment industry I am in the unique position to have been on both sides of the pond. Many of the consultants that you speak with have actually come from the classroom. We love education…

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10 Things you should never say to a Teacher

Whether it is something being said by a student, a parent or a friend there are a few things as a Teacher that we have all heard and all are annoyed by. Have a look at our worst 10 things to say to a teacher, you might find a few very familiar quotes. “You’re basically…

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