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Tired and stressed teacher

How to be a teacher and still have a life

It is not unknown that in today’s society, teachers are prone to overworking and early burnout. Heck, it’s been all over the news about the average 60 hour working week. Even while in training, student teachers are prepared for it; the workload is the biggest in your first couple of years and then you find…

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Our top 5 teacher resource websites

The internet is a magical place that gives one the power to access an insurmountable amount of information. Trawling through the net to seek the top sites to support your lesson plans and ideas may take ages. Impact Teachers to the rescue! We have personally checked through hundreds of sites to save you time. Comment…

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Highgate Cemetery - a secret place to visit in London

Secret London – Top 5 Places to Visit

So you’ve seen Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.  You’ve gone round all the well-known museums and been on the London Eye.  Already traipsed up and down Oxford Street with every man and his dog and been to Borough Market for a scotch egg.  What’s next?  Not to worry, we’re here to…

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Surviving your first month in London

You have arrived in London and you’re FREAKING OUT, don’t lie I know you are! The big city, everyone walking with a crazy amount of purpose and don’t get me started about the public transport. Ok big breath, we have all managed it and as the kids say we are now living our best lives.…

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Chalkboard with heart drawn on

Dating a Teacher 101: Either get on board, or keep moving

I’ve come to the conclusion that, unless your partner is also a teacher, dating is almost close to impossible…here are my reasons why: Number 1 “It’s a school night” is taken very seriously as an adult. When you were a kid, this phrase was laughable. As an adult, sleep can be the most exciting thing…

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