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Beating the School Blues

Six weeks of holiday can seem like a long time at the beginning. Six long weeks for yourself, away from school; catching up on your reading for fun, late summer nights, mid-week brunches, sleeping past 9am and, let’s not forget, the elimination of Sunday night blues and Mondayitis. Once they’ve started, it’s the usual scenario…

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5 Top Interview Tips

Whether you have just moved to the UK and are interviewing at potential schools, if you’re ready for a change and interviewing at a new school or you’re on the other side of the world doing a Skype interview one thing is for sure, you are going to be nervous! But not to worry we…

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The End of Year School Survival Guide

This time of year is an interesting one; it can seem like the best time of year because you’re in the countdown towards the summer holidays, but it can also seem like the worst time. Because you’re in the countdown to the summer holidays… Let me paint the picture; you’ve sent your reports home to…

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Should teachers accept gifts?

They have worked tremendously hard all year, should a little appreciation be shown in some way… yes! Most would agree that teachers do wonders in difficult situations, however, accepting gifts can be complicated and be stressful for both parents and students. Not all families have the financial means to purchase a gift and if it…

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St Michael's Mount across the sea

Secret England – Top 5 Places to Visit

So you’ve visited all the obvious tourist destinations in the UK.  You’ve also hit up all the top secret places to visit in our blog – Secret London!  Then it’s time to get those hiking boots back on and head out on the open road to visit our top 5 secret places to visit in…

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