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Impact Teachers: Not just a recruitment agency

One of the daily questions I get as a consultant at Impact is ‘what makes you stand out from the rest?’ Of course I speak about our bonuses and our unique care service and all things related to pay. What is left to the wayside is the biggest part of what makes Impact who we…

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What I miss most about the classroom.

It has been over 8 years since I last led a classroom unless you count the lesson I delivered on our trip to India in 2016. Having worked in many different environments with the majority being in an open office, there are a number of experiences that I miss, that only a teacher would know…

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Winter in London

It is clear now that winter is definitely creeping in, it is dark in the morning and dark in the evening and the layers are being piled on. If you like me are from the southern hemisphere, then a winter Christmas always seems odd but not to worry there are plenty of things to get…

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