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For over 10 years, Impact has been recruiting teachers from around the world for placements in the UK. We’ve established longstanding relationships with a number of schools and academies as a result of our consistency and quality, covering over 500 schools nationwide. Internationally, we are the leading and only recognised teaching agency with a commitment to improving global education.

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Why Choose Impact

Guaranteed Job Scheme

Our Guaranteed Job Scheme offers peace of mind that we’ll find you a long term teaching position that is right for you.

Personal Consultant

As soon as you register with Impact Teachers, an experienced consultant will be assigned to you and will remain your point of contact for the entirety of your experience.

Social Events and Parties

We organise regular social events to help you meet and mingle with your fellow teachers, from guided walking tours of London, to boat trips and drink nights.


We understand that not every teacher is suitable for every school, and to satisfy your specific abilities, we provide our teachers with a completely personalised service.

DBS Application Assistance

We will assist you with your application from start to finish, and even reimburse you for the cost.

Family Ethos

Impact was founded on community and family values, and they continue to be at the heart of the company 10 years on.

Teacher Training Programmes

We offer all of our Teachers the opportunity to travel to Kenya to assist local teachers and experience new cultures.

CPD Courses

We host free CPD courses throughout the year to assist your professional development and make teaching in the UK all that more enjoyable.

10 Years of Impact

During the past 10 years, we’ve built an incredible community of teachers who continue to go from strength to strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we support any candidate based in the UK or coming from overseas provided they have right to work in the UK, have comparable qualifications and are able to pass our vetting requirements.

We provide long term and short-term opportunities to candidates.  It is up to you what you wish to look for.  If you are looking for long-term work, we have many clients with positions lasting the whole academic year.  If you prefer to work on a short-term supply or day-to-day basis, we are also able to assist you.

No, we have many different school based roles that we are able to provide assistance with.  This includes teachers, teaching assistant, classroom support and SEN roles.

Although we cannot complete all the documents you need we will assist you every step of the way, providing help identifying and applying for the right visa and completing any safeguarding checks you need before you arrive. We also assist you once you are here, helping you to set up bank accounts and national insurance numbers.

Yes!  Don’t feel you need to wait to apply.  Even if you are not looking for work for another year or longer we will still ensure you are registered and receiving updates relevant to you.

Yes!  You will have a personal consultant who will answer all your queries and help you throughout the process.  Even once you start work they’ll still keep in contact with you and be able to answer any questions that come up.

Our Welcome Pack

Visa requirements and applications

Bank accounts

Accommodation search assistance

National Insurance numbers

UK medical registration

Letters of support

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