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How to make your TA your BFF

Do you need some ideas on how to maintain a positive relationship with TAs and Support Staff in your classroom? Keep reading! Having a good relationship with TAs and support staff in your classroom is incredibly important. It helps to ensure classrooms run smoothly and that all students are receiving what they need to make…

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Taking Assembly

For your solo performance plan your opening line and start by asking a few questions to get the pupils interested. Practice and time it to get it right. Learn the script or hold a prompt sheet with a few key words if you find it difficult to remember each detail. Prepare a few visuals and plan a final line…

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Working with Teaching Assistants

Communication – Be clear and specific Don’t assume that your TA knows what you want them to do. Think about how you would feel walking into a lesson and being left to try and decipher who to support , what to support – all the time trying to listen yourself to the teaching segment. It’s…

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