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Top lunches for the teaching community

Top lunches for teachers that easy to make and will inspire you to try new dishes. Bagel Pizza Mmmmm bagels…. This quick and tasty treat will make you the envy of the staff room!   Nibbles:  Perhaps the carbs are not your thing. In that case, how about some nibbles? Delicious and nutritious! Thanks…

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4 hacks to make marking manageable

We all know that marking is one of the most time consuming parts of the job. If there were a magic wand we could wave to mark the mammoth pile of books in front of us each night, we’re sure we would all want it. There are a number of time saving tricks to make…

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4 teaching hacks to help your Geography lessons

Geography is an important part of a child’s education and can be a really rewarding subject to teach, as you introduce children to the incredible world around them. From counties to countries and rivers to oceans, you should see teaching geography as an incredible way to expand the minds of the children you’re teaching, whatever…

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5 great teaching hacks to organise your time

Effective time management. It’s something we all aspire to and very rarely manage. Yet effectively managing our teaching, planning and personal time can leave us all feeling less stressed and more productive. Here are 5 great hacks to help you restore that work-life balance and be your best in the classroom. After all, teaching in…

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India Blog Day 3 – Lucy Kennedy

Maybe it is the travel, the foreign country or my overwhelmed senses but I am finding myself constantly moved by the 8 teachers whose conversations and minds shape my days here. Last night over dinner, the conversation moved to discussions about meaningful relationships at schools and the gap between what teachers want to do, and…

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