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9 Simple Rules All Teachers should live by

Rules… that’s how we have fun right?! All jokes aside, we believe that by following these “rules” you will greatly improve your teaching experience. Be reflective everyday – Like life, teaching is a journey of self-discovery. You need to be humble and willing to learn from your interactions with students and colleagues. By doing so,…

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YouTube channels for teachers

There are literally hundreds of YouTube channels for teachers at the moment with many more starting up. We thought we should make your life easier, so we culled down the massive list to just seven. Here are our top 7 YouTube channels for you to explore:   Gerry Brooks Gerry Brooks is a head teacher…

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Create a Great First Impression

How to make a great first impression? It does not matter whether you live in a city or the country side, people tend to judge on first impressions, especially when you are in an interview situation. How long does it take? Roughly 7 seconds. That’s about how long our attention span can be. Think of…

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Our top 5 teacher resource websites

The internet is a magical place that gives one the power to access an insurmountable amount of information. Trawling through the net to seek the top sites to support your lesson plans and ideas may take ages. Impact Teachers to the rescue! We have personally checked through hundreds of sites to save you time. Comment…

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Student in Uniform with parent

Uniforms – the great debate

Uniforms – are they a way to ensure concentration and uniformity or do they actually become a counterproductive means to maintain order?  We decided to look at the arguments for and against. For Number 1 – Concentration One school of thought is that uniforms improve pupil’s ability to concentrate and learn.  Students understand they are…

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Four Fantastic Apps Teachers Can Use in a Classroom

Not all schools can offer IPads to for every student. You may be lucky to have one of your own you are willing to bring in or perhaps each classroom has an IPad for learning. Apps have given teachers a plethora of options to have an interactive classroom experience. How does one know which apps…

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5 Tips for Creating Classroom Rules

Teachers understand that classroom rules form the foundation of behaviour management. Expectations of how one presents themselves and the general rules that need to be followed in order for a classroom to run effectively can be challenging. How do you get the students to follow the rules? Here are a few tips to support this…

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