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Become a reflective practitioner

Why becoming a reflective practitioner will change your teaching and build confidence: What does it mean to be a reflective practitioner? Before diving into the definition, let’s look at the purpose. In almost every profession, building the habits that support bringing awareness into your performance will elevate your skillset both professionally and personally Without awareness…

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How to make your TA your BFF

Do you need some ideas on how to maintain a positive relationship with TAs and Support Staff in your classroom? Keep reading! Having a good relationship with TAs and support staff in your classroom is incredibly important. It helps to ensure classrooms run smoothly and that all students are receiving what they need to make…

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Beating the January Blues

So, we’ve made it through the festive season. Christmas lights and decorations have vanished from view. It’s cold and still quite dark come 4pm – and our bank accounts are a bit dry and low. Some of you will have made resolutions of sorts for January (‘Dry January’, ‘Januhairy’ or new gym goals to let…

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Our 10 best teacher quotes for inspiration!

We have narrowed down our list of inspirational quotes to inspire and motive to the top 10! Teaching can be hard at times and our motivation at an all-time low. There are of course many ways to deal with this, speaking to your team, mentor and family. However, there are instances whereby a quick few second…

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Teaching hacks to help build children’s confidence

One of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher is the opportunity you have to positively impact the confidence of your pupils. Through learning, new experiences, and advice you have a unique opportunity to help your pupils develop a sense of self-awareness and learn more about their own skills and talents as they grow…

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12 Reasons to Teach

There are many reasons to become a teacher, and once you are teaching in the UK you discover many more – and ones you weren’t expecting. Here are 12 reasons why becoming a teacher is a great idea: 

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