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Chalkboard with stationary in classroom

Four everyday items to better your classroom

Coming up with interesting ways to utilise items we might not normally think have a place in the classroom is part of a teachers rite of passage.  We asked some of our staff – a number of whom are former teachers who came to teach in the UK – for some top hacks they recommend…

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Four Fantastic Apps Teachers Can Use in a Classroom

Not all schools can offer IPads to for every student. You may be lucky to have one of your own you are willing to bring in or perhaps each classroom has an IPad for learning. Apps have given teachers a plethora of options to have an interactive classroom experience. How does one know which apps…

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4 Teacher tips – Dealing with angry parents

Teachers will all at some stage have to deal with angry parents. All teachers have had that moment when a parent does agree with a particular strategy that was implemented to support their child or perhaps disagreed with a mark or grade that was given maybe they just want to protect their child if an…

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Just Do Your Best

I spent about 10 years teaching in London schools, first as a Religious Education Teacher, then for the most part as Head of Drama – Drama being the subject I’m most passionate about. In this time I’ve taught in a real range of schools for private independent prep schools to tough challenging high schools. At times…

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Are you a sleep deprived teacher?

Good teachers are like jugglers keeping dozens of plates spinning every day. To do this they end up going to bed late, rising early and worrying in between about all sorts of things from marking, planning, assessments, Ofsted inspections, exams, etc. All these things floating around in your head can become barriers to sleep and…

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Ofsted – how to prepare for it

They stalk the corridors of schools, striking fear into the hearts of even the most senior teachers. They are…the Ofsted school inspectors! Inspections of any kind can be very stressful for those at the cutting edge. They can be intense and exhausting, as everyone gets immersed in over-preparation. The stress of an inspection can make…

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Parent evenings

How to prepare for them Parents’ evenings can be very stressful, especially coming on top of a day’s teaching. Speaking to parents about their children can be daunting but they basically want updates on the progress of their little ones. Even though you’re snowed under with planning, marking and teaching, investing time into preparing thoroughly…

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