Teacher Tips

Most of our consultants are in fact qualified teachers, many of which like you came from Canada, Australia and New-Zealand. Because they know what it’s like to be a teacher in the UK they write tips, tricks and publish useful information for any teacher.

Teaching Overseas

When I think about teaching overseas it reminds me of the following quote: A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils. ~Ever Garrison I made the decision to move overseas and teach nearly 20 years ago and I never looked back! I hope my list below is…

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Parents’ Evening: a Parent’s Perspective

A couple of weeks’ ago, I attended my Stepdaughter’s Year 9 Parents’ Evening. It was a novelty for me; being on the other side of the ultimate speed-dating event. And yes, I do say speed-dating, because it is series of 5 minute talking slots in which you must get to know as much as possible…

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Create a Great First Impression

How to make a great first impression? It does not matter whether you live in a city or the country side, people tend to judge on first impressions, especially when you are in an interview situation. How long does it take? Roughly 7 seconds. That’s about how long our attention span can be. Think of…

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Starting to plan what crafts to do in the class for mother’s day coming up? Look no further! We have trawled through the internet to find the best crafts to try this year. There is always the old faithful hand butterfly or hand flowers but these are a bit more adventurous if you’re up for…

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Angry and frustrated Brits

10 Things Brits Say…. but don’t actually mean

Earlier this year we discussed 10 terms that Brits say and what they actually mean.  If you’re fairly new to the UK or even been here for a while, you may have also realised that us Brits, known for our sarcasm and self-deprecation, also have a habit of saying things that we don’t quite mean.…

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How to make your TA your BFF

Do you need some ideas on how to maintain a positive relationship with TAs and Support Staff in your classroom? Keep reading! Having a good relationship with TAs and support staff in your classroom is incredibly important. It helps to ensure classrooms run smoothly and that all students are receiving what they need to make…

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Half term: how not to waste your week off

Half term is coming up, and it’s the same old story – you have a week off; so long, yet so short. After the habitual bed and pj days needed after a long term, you’ve got time on your hands to do something enjoyable, which doesn’t involve work. So what to do? Here’s Impact’s top…

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Top lunches for the teaching community

Top lunches for teachers that easy to make and will inspire you to try new dishes. Bagel Pizza Mmmmm bagels…. This quick and tasty treat will make you the envy of the staff room! https://www.instagram.com/p/BakpoZcDzjS/   Nibbles:  Perhaps the carbs are not your thing. In that case, how about some nibbles? Delicious and nutritious! Thanks…

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Top 10 Memes from inside the mind of a Teacher

Here is our top 10 favourite memes from inside the mind of most Teachers. Our thoughts, our fears and just things we want to say but can’t…or at least shouldn’t! Let us know below which one you could relate to most. For more in our blog series click here.

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