During term breaks we run overseas teaching training programmes in Uganda and India. Upon returning, we establish links between classrooms in order to highlight the diversity of cultures and teaching, in the hope that everyone can become a global citizen. Our programs are incredible, free (besides the flight & Visa) and designed by our in-house travel and education specialists . We’ve been managing these programs for almost 10 years and have made visible, sustainable improvements in both our UK schools and those in India and Uganda.

India Trip

India Trip – April 2015 | Day 4

Up early for our next day our teachers were looking forward to seeing if there would be any progress in their teachers’ lessons. Driving through the streets of Delhi I began to realize that you could fit limitless amounts of wares on to a one person bicycle-refrigerators, bed frames, the entire contents of shops, really.…

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India Trip - 2015 traffic

India Trip – April 2015 | Day 3

6:15 our alarm went off and I groaned. After a long Sunday and little sleep on Saturday I could have slept all day but knowing what we had to look forward to energised me and I jumped out of bed and got ready. After a quick breakfast and nearly forgetting the camera battery we were picked…

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Indian School Wall

India Trip – April 2015 | Day 2

The flight to Delhi was one of the smoothest plane rides I’ve ever been on.  A nice chat with the lovely Indian girl sat next to me and 3 movies later I stepped off the plane and headed towards immigration. Once I’d collected my suitcase I walked towards the exit and searched for someone holding…

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Indian School Children

India Trip – April 2015 | Day 1

I’m unsure of where time has gone but I’ve now found myself in the queue to check-in for my flight to India so what better time to start my first blog entry!  Last night I finally started packing and am already wondering what I may have forgotten but thankfully passport and visa are in hand…

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Overseas Teacher Training Trip

Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Fri. 20th Feb

Day 6 Today was our last day of teacher observations and training. The teachers seem to have made a great amount of progress; it is clearly evident in their teaching and engagement of students. The training session was very emotional with all the teachers sad that we were leaving. We decided to all dress up…

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Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Thu. 19th Feb

Day 5 Today was another productive day. We are almost at the end of our training and mentoring and there is visible evidence in the teacher observations. I sat in and observed 2 brilliant lessons with a grin of happiness and interest in both. We were also involved in a presentation assembly at one of…

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Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Wed. 18th Feb

Day 4 Today was back to our early start with a wake up call again from Alison at 6am. I went to see a different selection our our schools and was quite surprised with my earlier weeks’ visits. Some class sizes were smaller and also had Teaching Assistants in the classrooms at one school working…

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indian children timeline

Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Tue. 17th Feb

Day 3 Today schools were closed in India as it was the festival of Maha Shivaratri. Our start was not so early and we had a little sleep in until 7am as opposed to our 6am wake up. We started the day with a visit to the beautiful peaceful and serene Lotus Temple. After this…

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Overseas Teacher Training Trips - Mon. 16th Feb

Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Mon. 16th Feb

Day 2 Today was our first day of lesson observing, mentoring and training. After an early rise with Alison kindly knocking on everyone’s door to make sure we were awake, we had breakfast and then got ready to leave. The taxis arrived on time to take us to our first school, Children Happy; however, our…

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Overseas Teacher Training Trips - Sun. 15th Feb

Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Sun. 15th Feb

Day 1 So here we are finally in India. After a smooth flight of around 8 hours and approximately 4 movies later we arrive in Delhi. So far the downer has been the length of time it took us to get through immigration almost 2 hours. The journey to the hotel was not as bad…

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