During term breaks we run overseas teaching training programmes in Uganda and India. Upon returning, we establish links between classrooms in order to highlight the diversity of cultures and teaching, in the hope that everyone can become a global citizen. Our programs are incredible, free (besides the flight & Visa) and designed by our in-house travel and education specialists . We’ve been managing these programs for almost 10 years and have made visible, sustainable improvements in both our UK schools and those in India and Uganda.

Impact’s trip to India – Days 1 & 2

Day 1 After a long and gruelling flight we landed in Delhi, prepared for our trip, one thing we had not prepared for however was the humidity levels! Along with the dust, this is something that we were under prepared for. But we jumped in our taxi with the sole target of reaching our hotel;…

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Making an impact in New Delhi

Finally the day had come for our Overseas Teacher Training programme to commence. Our programme participants landed in New Delhi on 13 February and spent the next seven days having an experience of a lifetime! The trip began with a personal tour of New Delhi visiting temples, markets and riding the local trains. After a bit of…

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New Delhi Teacher Training – October 2015

Courtesy of Aidan, Nicola and Sarah Day 1, Monday 26th They say always expect the unexpected, however I’m pretty sure that when we set off this morning no one expected an earthquake. Yet an earthquake was what we had. Thankfully Delhi remained unscathed, though our thoughts are with those in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Despite this…

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New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | The Final Day

Our final day with our teachers! I was so proud to see my two teachers smash it today. In fact all three of the teachers I have been working with this week scored perfect marks in their final assessment. It was so cool to see them putting in so much effort to produce such engaging…

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Indian School Wall

New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | Day 5

First day of final exam observations. I was nervous for the teachers today so I can only imagine how they were feeling! After almost a week our driver has finally got his route sorted and for the first time we were actually early today. The observations got off to a shaky start but by the…

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India Trip

New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | Day 4

Today was a busy one. With the school closures yesterday we had to work extra hard today to get round to all our teachers and make sure that we observed them one last time as tomorrow and Friday are their exam days. I was proud to see the improvements in my teachers from their first observation…

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New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | Day 3

Today everyone was up bright and early pumped and ready to go. Unfortunately a prominent figure here in India who was a former President and hugely respected has passed away and a national day of mourning has been called. As such many schools have been given the day off, resulting in around half the schools…

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Indian School Children

New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | Day 2

Day one of school visits and observations. Game on! Team was up bright and early for a filling and nutritious breakfast at 7am. Unfortunately Andrea, one of our team, will not be joining us today as she is ill. Nothing too serious we hope, but hopefully a full days rest will put her right. After quite a…

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India Trip - 2015 traffic

New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | Day 1

After a relatively smooth 8hr flight yesterday, and with no unexpected hold ups through customs, we managed to make it to the Wood Apple residency without hassle late last night. Our first official day here in India started this morning with breakfast around 9.30am. A few boiled eggs on toast set me up nicely for…

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Overseas Teacher Training Trips – Friday 24th July

It is the day before I leave to India and having spent a few hours packing last night the reality of what is about to happen has finally set in. Having been so busy with the finishing up of the academic year, I haven’t really let myself think too much about my Indian adventure. However,…

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