During term breaks we run overseas teaching training programmes in Uganda and India. Upon returning, we establish links between classrooms in order to highlight the diversity of cultures and teaching, in the hope that everyone can become a global citizen. Our programs are incredible, free (besides the flight & Visa) and designed by our in-house travel and education specialists . We’ve been managing these programs for almost 10 years and have made visible, sustainable improvements in both our UK schools and those in India and Uganda.

Teacher with students

Our Trip to India – The Second Day

This morning was calm. Don’t be mistaken, the traffic and heat is still here, but rather our time in each school felt more controlled. The volunteers started to grasp a routine and the chats were more organic. Teachers and students recognised us and the barriers came down as a sense of openness and interaction was…

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Teachers training teachers in India

Our Trip to India – The First Official Day

This morning feels like a distant memory and flashbacks spin through my head after this day that was.  At breakfast, all of us – bright eyed and bushy tailed – clambered into our two cars to set out for the day to come. We split into two groups to visit four schools each to begin our…

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Teachers in India

Our Trip to India – The First 48 Hours

Heat, traffic, smell, whirlwind, beauty, excitement and exhaustion. These are the words that go through my head as I think back on the first two days of our time in India. After a seamless commute and manoeuvre through London to Heathrow Airport all the way to Delhi, we arrived mid Saturday morning to plough our way…

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Day 5 – Our Trip to India – The final day!

This is a belated blog post because I didn’t I have the words I needed yesterday to write about our final day. Last night, as we sat down together as a group one final time and laughed hysterically and shared back moments from our day did it occur to me quite what a feat we…

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India Blog Day 4 – Lucy Kennedy

We are decidedly exhausted after late night shopping at Dili Haat market. There’s so much we want to do, shopping, sightseeing, walking, exploring but we start at 7, and our days finish at 6 – we are increasingly grateful for how late the shops and sights stay open. 

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India Blog Day 3 – Lucy Kennedy

Maybe it is the travel, the foreign country or my overwhelmed senses but I am finding myself constantly moved by the 8 teachers whose conversations and minds shape my days here. Last night over dinner, the conversation moved to discussions about meaningful relationships at schools and the gap between what teachers want to do, and…

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Our Trip to India 2017! – Day 2

“I have one thing to say, we must learn and let learn – that is all. It’s the only thing we need to remember.” This was the closing statement of one of our talented teachers from this afternoons seminar. Today has been shaped by that statement, with our team getting stuck into day two of…

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Our Trip to India 2017! – Day 1

“After 48 hours in India – today was our first opportunity to do what we have spent weeks preparing to do. We left at 8 am – uncertain about what we would face, unbelievably tired and jet lagged (and somehow already sweaty) and how our immaculate preparations would hold up. At dinner tonight I was so struck…

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Impact’s Trip to India – Days 6 & 7

Be sure to catch up on our previous days here! Part 1 and Part 2. Day 6 By Day 6 we were in our stride, and the week was almost up, with only one more day to go. The Indian teachers were showing real progress in their classes; we even caught a gorgeous rendition of ‘Baa…

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Impact’s Trip to India – Days 3, 4 & 5

Find Days 1 & 2 of our trip here!! Day 3 Day 3 was the first day at school. We arrived at the school eager to get started and get going, and we were warmly greeted, the students were in a similar fashion. With waves, smiles, pointing and staring from both parties, we were very eager…

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