During term breaks we run overseas teaching training programmes in Uganda and India. Upon returning, we establish links between classrooms in order to highlight the diversity of cultures and teaching, in the hope that everyone can become a global citizen. Our programs are incredible, free (besides the flight & Visa) and designed by our in-house travel and education specialists . We’ve been managing these programs for almost 10 years and have made visible, sustainable improvements in both our UK schools and those in India and Uganda.

Impact Teachers: Not just a recruitment agency

One of the daily questions I get as a consultant at Impact is ‘what makes you stand out from the rest?’ Of course I speak about our bonuses and our unique care service and all things related to pay. What is left to the wayside is the biggest part of what makes Impact who we…

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Volunteers, students and teachers in a school

Our Trip to India – 2018 – Friday

  All I can say about today is- WOW! This is hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I can’t even put it into words how blessed I am feeling to experience a day like today. We started back at JJR this morning for the last lesson observation…

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teachers in India

Our Trip to India – 2018 – Thursday

“A smart teacher is someone who uses this opportunity as professional development for themselves, while using their skills to help other teachers grow for the future”. With yesterday being a public holiday in Delhi, today was a busy one. All of the volunteers were keen and eager to get going with observations this morning and…

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Volunteers in Delhi

Our Trip to India – 2018 – Wednesday

“Every face tells a story” was a quote used by one of our volunteers as we wandered our way through the narrow streets of Old Delhi today. We began with a walking tour of Old Delhi which is the oldest area of Delhi, a tangle of ancient streets and alleyways, filled with all kind of…

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Children in classrooms in Delhi

Our Trip to India – 2018 – Tuesday

The atmosphere was calm and everyone was feeling well rested and ready to take on the second day. We have all somehow quickly adapted to the manic traffic that makes India so special. As we quickly zipped past tuk-tuks, rickshaws, motorbikes, cows, goats, buffalos and elephants we all reflected on how amazing yesterday’s first seminar…

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Volunteers in New Delhi, India

Our Trip to India – 2018 – Monday

The day was finally here – the day that 10 volunteers journeyed off to various schools around Delhi to make an impact on education, not just on a local level, but on a global level. We all met downstairs to have some breakfast before the hectic day ahead. The feeling of walking into the unknown…

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People looking at the Taj Mahal in India

Our Trip to India – 2018 – Saturday & Sunday

Saturday As the plane touched down in New Delhi, India the excitement and nerves really started to kick in. After months of hard work and preparation, this was the final stage of the programme and I knew it was going to be a very special one.  Alex, Kayley, Luke and I arrived in New Delhi…

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Students and Volunteer Teachers

Our Trip to India – The Teachers Last Day

Today was a celebration; a celebration of the hard work of our teachers and their learning. In schools we had the opportunity to spend time with students and teachers in a less formal setting and get to know more about who they are. Our Impact week has come to an end in India. While it’s…

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Volunteers in India

Our Trip to India – The Fourth Day

You are 17 years old and find yourself in front of a class of 40 students, all of whom are perched together shoulder to shoulder on benches with their books open on top of their bags, eager and waiting for instruction. Your classroom is small with one chalkboard and maybe a chair and table for…

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Volunteers having fun

Our Trip to India – The Third Day

Today we’ve experienced a new challenge. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Delhi, meaning our schools will be closed. Our team has had to adapt quickly to the day’s plan and we were soon to realise how short a time we had left with our teachers. At the beginning of the day, at my team’s…

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