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At Impact we’re not like other teaching agencies, we’re deeply connected to what it is to be a teacher. We collect useful information across the web to deliver you global and local educational news. From changes in the curriculum, to new trends.

New Years Resolutions 2019 – Teachers

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers. Now, I personally have changed the way I devise my new year’s resolutions. Instead of having a lot of resolutions, I focus on one word. This year was listening. It proved very effective. Next year I will focus on health. Now, this is not for everyone. So here are a…

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The UK is becoming a world-leading hub for education technology

Education in the UK has long been driven by a desire to innovate. If Brits were not such a polite lot, they would tell you with pride about the many contributions British academics, schools and universities have made to the world of pedagogy. Yet today, a new era of innovation is in full flow within…

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Almonds - Healthy Food for teachers

The secret to a stress free teacher

3 FOODS FOR A HEALTHIER STRESS-FREE TEACHER! Whether you are part of the latest juicing craze, or would simply like to be a healthier you. Here are a few snacking tips to bring with you to work!   ALMONDS   Almonds make for a great snack; they stop you from craving other naughtier foods and…

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Hero Teacher Sonya Romero on Ellen show

Hero Teacher Sonya Romero

Sonya’s commitment to education and care for the children she teaches moved us all here at Impact Teachers. Sonya Romero is a Kindergarten teacher and mother who works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, 75 percent of Romero’s students live in poverty, but for them, she goes above and beyond.. Watch this amazing video and witness how a…

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Best part of being a teacher

Hey, Teachers, What’s The Best Part About Teaching?

It’s a hard Job, but someone has to do it! Although being a teacher takes a toll on you, along these 10 years of Impact we heard incredible stories on how a career in education can be rewarding! With days that never seem to end and obstacles no other professional can truly understand, being a…

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Robots help teach children

Kids learn to write by teaching robots

“In pedagogical research, the concept of learning-by-teaching is a recognized and successful technique. The idea is that kids develop greater interest and confidence in a subject when they take on the role of the teacher and instruct someone else. Researchers at EPFL in Switzerland have shuttled the concept into the robotic realm with their new…

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The Sacking of Michael Gove

Following David Cameron’s government reshuffle last week, Former Education Secretary Michael Gove has been sacked and ‘demoted’ to Chief Whip whilst Nicky Morgan, a Conservative MP for Loughborough, has been snapped up for the Education Secretary role. As the education world takes in the news that Michael Gove is leaving the helm of the Department…

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Bullying in Schools

Recent research suggests that the British public think teaching is more stressful than other jobs because of bullying and other behavioural issues. Victims of bullying are also less likely to do well at school; 41% of those who had not been bullied achieved an A or A* in English compared to just 30% of those who had…

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