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5 Tips to Make Marking Papers Easier

Marking papers is beneficial in communicating with the students what they have done right and what they need to improve on, but it is not an easy task to do. Below are 5 tips to make marking papers easier.   1 Margin Marking Writing comments on top of the student’s work can get very confusing,…

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5 Simple Tips to Improve Communication with Students

Communication from teachers to students is crucial in and outside of the classroom. Effective communication can help build a strong relationship with you and your students and can improve your overall experience as a teacher. Here are 5 easy and simple tips to help you improve communication with your students.   1 Be open to…

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Podcasts for Teachers

Podcasts basically cover almost every topic you can think of. The benefit is that you can carry this library of knowledge and listen at your leisure. It comes as no surprise that the education world has developed some noteworthy podcasts that challenge education perspectives and delivers advice for new and mature professionals. After careful consideration,…

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A week in Kenya, training teachers

Day 1: Hi all, Ash and I have made it safely to Kenya. We spent Sunday recovering from our flight, prepping for Monday, and getting to know our great team of volunteers. Monday has started really well, the Memusi teachers welcomed us back with open arms and the volunteers have wasted no time getting into…

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