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How to monitor student progress in the classroom

As teachers we all know it is extremely important to monitor the progress of students in the classroom but is it something we’re doing on a regular basis? Could we be doing it better or more efficiently? When sending candidates to an interview with a potential school we have a quick chat about the interview…

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From One Ontarian Teacher to Another

Before I moved from Canada to the UK to teach I already had 5 years of experience. You’d assume my advice for new teachers would be to do the same, but it’s quite the opposite, especially for Ontarians. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the schools in Canada, my colleagues, the kids (can give or…

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Teaching Overseas

When I think about teaching overseas it reminds me of the following quote: A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils. ~Ever Garrison I made the decision to move overseas and teach nearly 20 years ago and I never looked back! I hope my list below is…

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Parents’ Evening: a Parent’s Perspective

A couple of weeks’ ago, I attended my Stepdaughter’s Year 9 Parents’ Evening. It was a novelty for me; being on the other side of the ultimate speed-dating event. And yes, I do say speed-dating, because it is series of 5 minute talking slots in which you must get to know as much as possible…

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