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Beating the January Blues

So, we’ve made it through the festive season. Christmas lights and decorations have vanished from view. It’s cold and still quite dark come 4pm – and our bank accounts are a bit dry and low. Some of you will have made resolutions of sorts for January (‘Dry January’, ‘Januhairy’ or new gym goals to let…

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New Years Resolutions 2019 – Teachers

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers. Now, I personally have changed the way I devise my new year’s resolutions. Instead of having a lot of resolutions, I focus on one word. This year was listening. It proved very effective. Next year I will focus on health. Now, this is not for everyone. So here are a…

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Beating Homesickness at Christmas

If like me you have travelled from the other side of the world to be here, going home for Christmas unfortunately isn’t an option. It is a hard time for anyone to be away from family and the traditions that you’re used to over Christmas so here is our top ideas to get you through…

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Impact Teachers: Not just a recruitment agency

One of the daily questions I get as a consultant at Impact is ‘what makes you stand out from the rest?’ Of course I speak about our bonuses and our unique care service and all things related to pay. What is left to the wayside is the biggest part of what makes Impact who we…

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