Impact Teachers

Recruitment with purpose

Who Are We?

Impact was founded on the principle of creating outstanding schools and acquiring passionate teachers who can engage and inspire students both locally and globally. We’re not like other teaching agencies in the UK, we do more and that’s why our teachers recommend us.

However, our purpose is not just limited to finding talented teachers and cultivating outstanding schools, we’re the only teaching agency in the UK to provide invaluable development opportunities; during term breaks we run overseas teaching training programmes in Uganda and India. Upon returning, we establish  links between classrooms in order to highlight the diversity of cultures and teaching, in the hope that everyone can become a global citizen. Our programs are incredible, free (besides the flight & Visa) and designed by our in-house travel and education specialists . We’ve been managing these programs for almost 10 years and have made visible, sustainable improvements in both our UK schools and those in India and Uganda.

Jen – Co Founder

A social butterfly – passionate, driven and captivating; Jen is a passionate educator turned superb recruiter – she provides Impact with unique perspective, personality and understanding. Having come from humble beginnings in a small, rural community, Jen (as a young teacher) took the daunting leap of faith and relocated to the UK from Canada, a process that many of our prospective teachers have and will undergo. She therefore recognizes the concerns that plague teachers looking to embark upon their escapades and alleviates their worries and encourages them to seize possibilities. Jen vehemently believes that teachers, both individually and collectively, have the ability to improve and change the world. As a result, she helped create Impact for the purpose of expanding education beyond the local perspective, to provide less developed countries with a wealth of knowledge and worldly experiences.  Her commitment and determination to providing teachers with invaluable opportunities and experiences is a resolve shared by all Impact’s employees. Jen is certainly a motherly figure at our organization, having borne the Impact family ten years ago and slowly nurtured it through ten years of proven success, instilling her desire and enthusiasm in all of Impact’s children.

The Beginning Of A New Era

Impact is founded in the home of Jen and Ron, two individuals committed to improving global education and providing opportunities for teachers come to the UK and have a life-changing experience – just as they did!

Project Uganda

Project funding begins to schools in Uganda, focusing on the construction of teacher dormitories and sanitation facilities at 3 schools.


Teacher Training Programme starts in Uganda, taking Impact’s teachers to remote schools to work with local teachers across multiple communities.

Project India

Project funding begins to schools in India, working with schools and local tradesmen to produce basic classroom facilities, including benches, desks and walls.


Teacher Training Programme initiates in Bihar, India. Located 12 hours from the Indian capital, Impact’s teachers begin to work with local educators in an isolated and under-developed area.

On The Move

The Impact office moves from Jen and Ron’s house to St John’s Road! Jen and Ron’s home is just a house once again, and are perfectly setup to provide more life-changing experiences than ever before.

Project Expansion

A new Tanzanian project is launched, initially focusing on the construction of a dormitory for over 40 teachers, whilst funding for school lunches starts in Ugandan partner schools.

IAA Recognition

Impact was the first agency to be endorsed by the Independent Academies Association (IAA), a national body committed to supporting Academy and Free School Leaders.


A huge landmark for the company, as 1000 teachers are placed in long term positions between 2005 and 2010.


Over 50 partnerships established with schools rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. An indicator of the quality of schools on offer.

A Programme Milestone

The total number of Indian and Ugandan teachers trained by Impact volunteer’s hits 200! Positively impacting over 15,000 local students.

Duly Accepted

Impact receives the prestigious award for ‘Best Candidate Care’ at the Recruiter Awards For Excellence.

Top Quality

Impact receives 100% on the DFE Quality Mark for the fifth consecutive year. The DFE has since been succeeded by the REC, of which Impact hold full membership.

Moving On Up

After almost 6 years, the office moves from St Johns Road to an impressive new spot on Falcon Rd, complete with a bar area just for our teachers!

New Pastures In India

After 7 years of incredible trips to Bihar, our Teacher Training Programme moves to Delhi to work with developing schools across the capital.

Office Security Tightens Up

Office dog Rocky joined the Impact family at the start of 2015, and has been a huge hit with staff and teachers ever since!

A Social Landmark

Impact reaches 2000 likes on Facebook!

Keeping It Fresh

New, mobile optimised website launched, enhancing user experience and application processes.

Time To Celebrate

Impact’s 10th Birthday Party for staff, teachers and alumni!

Ron – Co Founder

As a founding father of impact, Ron is the unshakeable foundation which provides the organization with its schematic for growth. As the engine that powers impact, he provides us with a reinforcement of direction, giving further clarity to our purpose and emphasizing our ideals. However, he’s also an unparalleled businessman, strategist and innovator, taking calculated risks to further benefit and accentuate our organization. Implementing superb, creative ideas to maximize our influence and highlight our difference. Due to his innate understanding of business in general, he has helped Impact grow continuously and successively over the last ten years, establishing us permanently as the best and only global recruitment organization in the business. Ron approaches our agenda unwaveringly; with distinction, expertise and forensic accuracy.