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    Day 5 – Our Trip to India – The final day!

    This is a belated blog post because I didn’t I have the words I needed yesterday to write about our final day. Last night, as we sat down together as a group one final time and laughed hysterically and shared back moments from our day did it occur to me quite what a feat we…

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    Teaching hacks to help build children’s confidence

    One of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher is the opportunity you have to positively impact the confidence of your pupils. Through learning, new experiences, and advice you have a unique opportunity to help your pupils develop a sense of self-awareness and learn more about their own skills and talents as they grow…

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    7 ways teachers can make school year 2017/18 the best ever!

    The recent school year hopefully ended with a bang rather than a whimper for those currently teaching in the UK. But even if you’ve gone into the summer holidays on a high note, there’s still plenty of opportunity to make the 2017/18 school year the best of your career. While there are several weeks to…

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    5 great teaching hacks to organise your time

    Effective time management. It’s something we all aspire to and very rarely manage. Yet effectively managing our teaching, planning and personal time can leave us all feeling less stressed and more productive. Here are 5 great hacks to help you restore that work-life balance and be your best in the classroom. After all, teaching in…

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