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    Halloween fancy dress at school

    Teaching Hacks for a Happy Halloween

    Like many events, it comes around once a year and it is every teacher’s responsibility to think of a fun way to incorporate Halloween into his or her daily lessons.  Seasonal events are an important part of a pupil’s yearly experiences and a great way to have a little fun in the classroom.  So why not…

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    4 Teacher tips – Dealing with angry parents

    Teachers will all at some stage have to deal with angry parents. All teachers have had that moment when a parent does agree with a particular strategy that was implemented to support their child or perhaps disagreed with a mark or grade that was given maybe they just want to protect their child if an…

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    Top five classroom management strategies

    Having clear and reliable classroom management strategies are crucial in maintaining a happy and productive learning environment for both students and teachers. The most important factor is maintaining positivity, accessible expectations, and clear boundaries to ensure that everyone knows what is and is not tolerated and expected within the classroom.

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