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    Child in class learning letters of the alphabet

    Top four ways to start your class

    How do you start your class for the day?  Something fun to get the students going?  What’s your appetiser, your amuse bouche to kick start the day.  Here we provide our top 4 tips on ways to start your day and fill the registration void. Number 1: How Many uses can you think of? A…

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    Festive books with Santa hat and chalkboard

    5 Tips for teaching during the festive season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but are you struggling for ideas on ways to teach about the holidays?  Do you need some inspiration on how to keep the classroom going in the run up to Christmas?  Here are our top 5 tips and ideas for you to kick start the festive season.…

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    Our 10 best teacher quotes for inspiration!

    We have narrowed down our list of inspirational quotes to inspire and motive to the top 10! Teaching can be hard at times and our motivation at an all-time low. There are of course many ways to deal with this, speaking to your team, mentor and family. However, there are instances whereby a quick few second…

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    movie board being help up

    Movie Night! Top 5 Movies about teachers

    “Every great film should seem new every time you see it” Roger Egbert Spoiler Alert! There is nothing like sitting down on a Friday night and enjoying a good movie.  It’s a chance to relax, to forget about the week that’s passed and to let the noise of the classroom slowly fade away. At Impact…

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    6 steps to a better classroom culture

    I am sure you have all heard about organisational culture, what about classroom culture? What is the point anyway? So much information regarding culture has been researched and how to implement this within different organisations.  John Kotter discusses his 8-step model to implement effective corporate change, this has been adapted to assist teachers in changing…

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